Australia lagging on high-speed internet - The report, Australia's Broadband Connectivity, says "perceptions about price" of broadband are a barrier. However, the Communications Minister, Richard Alston, said yesterday that Australia's prices for broadband were among the cheapest in the world.

Even if it's "among the cheapest" it isn't cheap. Quite apart from the extreme setup cost (usually around $200), IF they will install to your home (if you're in a unit, no cable for you!), $75+ per month for crap broadband is not justifiable. If you want more than 500meg/1gig of download then you're looking at more than $75. You can get pretty much unlimited dialup access for $25/month or so. Even if you connect twice a day, at $0.25 per call, you're still online for $40/month. A lot of broadband is shaped back to 28.8k modem speed after your download limit; so you'll get a few days of fast internet followed by the rest of the month slower than you'd be on 56k dialup.... for double the cost. Alternatively you start paying massive rates for further data. Good deal? Not on my fucking planet.


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