Driver Down - Who Would Jesus Bomb?. New post from one Mr Mark Driver.

The next person who tells me that I have to respect the office of the presidency deserves a rap on the head with the Declaration of Independence. You toothless worms! We fought to eliminate kings! Despite the spectacle that the office has managed to accumulate around itself, "the president" is just another schlep job, albeit one where you get to kill folks and help your buddies get rich. But this president poops, eats pretzels, and has nightmares just like you. And, like the bozo before him, this president used daddy's juice to get out of fighting his generation's war. He's a chickenhawk, like most of his bloodthirsty administration. And he's using a national tragedy to justify plans that were in the works long before 19 assholes ruined this country for years to come. I love America. This administration has nothing to do with the America I love. So love your country, but be careful what you worship. Blind faith is the beginning of the end of discussion.


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