Posts | Ban on health cover for golf clubs, CDs (September 4, 2003). In short - health cover included stuff like sports equipment to encourage lazy pricks like me to get out and exercise. But, oh the shock and horror, people claimed these benefits from their extremely expensive health cover. How could they be so evil? So rather than crack down on dickheads getting relaxation CDs, they're scrapping the whole deal.

I'm not especially surprised that the bottom fell out of this deal. I'm more surprised at the attitude the government and insurance companies have... Basically everyone was pressured to get health cover. Then they all bitched and whined because people promptly started claiming everything. Of fucking course you're going to claim - when you're seeing hundreds of dollars going out you're going to wonder what's in it for you, then claim whatever you can since you've already paid for it. On top of all that, it's not like it even pays for everything anyway - ask anyone with glasses if they still have to cough up a couple of hundred for decent spectacles (you know, something you'd actually want to wear every day of your life).

It'd be like getting upset because people claim car repairs on their car insurance.


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