Microsoft Takes on Teen Over Web Site (

Microsoft Takes on Teen Over Web Site ( VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Mike Rowe thinks it's funny that his catchy name for a Web site design company sounds a lot like Microsoft. ... Microsoft Corp. and its attorneys have demanded that he give up his domain name.

Seriously, who is going to confuse Microsoft and MikeRoweSoft? Maybe the M$ crew are worried about losing the redneck market. I can't believe they offered US$10 for the kid to give up his domain - that's insulting. Then calling his US$10,000 a "big settlement" and claiming he was "forcing them" to pay... come off it, that's petty cash to them and it's not like a 17yo has enough clout to threaten them.

Update: Business World | Teen scores victory over Microsoft. He hasn't won yet though; he's just got them talking. has the details, at least for now...


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