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  • Akamai goes postal, kills Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Apple, Lycos... | The Register: From around 1.30pm, the Internet domain that Akamai uses to host content - - disappeared and only reappeared at 3.30pm. Because a huge number of websites run through the Akamai site - including the world's four biggest,,, and - when Akamai went down, so did they. That's right, Google has downtime like anything else :)
  • Tussle looming over Saddam handover - After Saddam - US President George W Bush insisted today he must have assurances that Saddam Hussein will stay in jail and not return to power before releasing him to Iraq's interim government, refusing to commit to the June 30 timetable envisioned by Iraq's new prime minister.
  • First mobile phone virus identified - World - [The virus] appears to have been developed by an international group of hackers called 29A, who specialise in creating viruses which try to show 'that no technology is reliable and safe from their attacks'.
  • Blaming the barman is out: court - National - Getting drunk and blaming the barman for an injury you suffered on the way home got much harder yesterday when the High Court said it was time people accepted responsibility for their actions. This case in particular should have been thrown out instantly. Yes, the venue has responsibilities; but there are limits to that.
  • | Budget spending goes into overdrive (June 16, 2004): An unprecedented Budget surplus of more than $2.3 billion will enable the Beattie Government to fast-track new roads, railways and powerlines to cope with the southeast Queensland population boom.
  • FOX SPORTS | League | QRL rule ref: Gould (June 16, 2004): NSW coach Phil Gould has made the bizarre accusation that the Queensland Rugby League has pressured referee Sean Hampstead before tonight's second State of Origin match in Brisbane. ... Gould then walked away from the press huddle in a huff. Gould apparently didn't make a big enough dickhead of himself before game one. Frankly if anyone should complain about biased referees it's Queensland (and the Broncos, outside Origin) - nobody south of the border can claim they're disadvantaged. Maybe they're just sore since Bill I-Hate-Queenslanders Harrigan retired. Besides all that - is Gould saying his players can't count up to ten?


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