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  • Seagate extends HDD warranties to five years | The Register. Hot damn, I need to buy a new drive anyway.
  • WAT makes websites accessible | The Register: Adjustments that are possible using WAT include changes to colours, background, text sizes, line spacing and fonts. Users can also choose to eliminate banner advertisements and other images and adjust keystroke timings. OK. It's great that IBM has noticed accessibility, particularly considering its atrocities in that field via Lotus Notes. But this package sounds like ...well, Opera. WAT sounds like it was developed by people who didn't know a browser other than MSIE existed. One key feature would be the screen reader, assuming it works as well or better than JAWS. Being free, WAT does give users an alternative to extremely expensive screen readers. But overall this sounds like IBM waving old ideas around and acting like they came up with them.
  • IT industry warned over wasted money | The Register : Four in ten of the UK's bosses reckon they've wasted money on new technology. ... [The survey] also found that many company bosses rely on friends, family or colleagues for info on new software and products rather than turning to IT vendors for help.


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