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  • | Inquest clears police over teen's death: Police were following Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey moments before he was fatally impaled on a fence but they had not contributed to his death, the NSW coroner found yesterday. / | TJ's mother distraught as coroner finds no chase. In short, no surprises: Coroner finds that it was a freak accident, TJ's family don't accept the finding. Redfern's actual problems are not changed.
  • | Latham moved to St Vincent's emergency unit: Mr Latham had requested public hospital care because 'he wanted to ensure that he was treated just the same as any other Australian'. Can't imagine Howard doing that.
  • | Sexy beach antics anger athletes: Two Australian beach volleyball players, Nicole Sanderson and Natalie Cook, have spent much of their first week at this Olympics complaining bitterly that the way the Greeks are presenting the competition demeans their sport. I saw some of the coverage the other night, no cheerleaders for that match but even just the stings of boppy music were annoying as hell. No idea how you're meant to concentrate with crap music blaring between serves. It must be hard to get a sport treated seriously when it's played by women in bikinis in the first place.
  • ABC News | ATO targets businesses, property investors. Basically the tax office is going for relatively soft targets, having clearly given up on catching the really big fish.


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