where australia went wrong, one ex-pat's view (and a rant)

The Observer | International | Why I've fallen out of love with Australia: With Prime Minister John Howard predicted to win October's general election, Bill Condie analyses the climate of intolerance and racism which has soured his home country. (link via belegdel)

Minor rant ahead.

I don't think racism is quite so rampant as this piece suggests, or at least I don't think it has increased the way this suggests; and I'd be interested to see this person's views on racism in Britain. But the sad fact remains that Australia is sliding into xenophobia, a widening rift with its indigenous population and an increasingly stark class system.

After a flawed referendum, Australia has returned to its subserviant colony role within the Commonwealth; even while a series of Prime Ministers have kissed up to the USA. Our fate is now linked to that of the largest, most aggressive and hated nation in the world. We have become a target of America's enemies and yet we have rewarded the US by agreeing to a one-sided Free Trade Agreement.

We have bought into the worldwide fear of terrorism which has served primarily to excuse massive losses in civil liberties and increased military expenditure. Combined with our own apathy and consumerism, we must be the most docile electorate in the world - except America, maybe. At least voting is compulsory, making our elections less vulnerable to well-organised lobby groups; admittedly a bittersweet fact.

We've been suffering under a PM who blatantly lies whever he feels like it. Who knows where our tax dollars go, because the quality of state-run services like health, education, welfare and communications are horrendous, with increasing levels of privatisation feeding the rot.

Why aren't more people in Australia mad as hell?


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