[What... do you only cheer your team when they're winning?]

ABC Sport - Rugby League - Relentless NSW wrap up Origin series. Well that sucked... but hey, there's always next year :)

I've seen results like that in club matches where the strengths of one team exactly target the weaknesses of the other. A bit more weight in the Queensland pack might have helped, we really missed the big guys like Shane Webcke, Carl Webb, Steve Price... players like Brent Tate and Neville Costigan might have made a difference as well.

Finalising your team with only a couple of days to go was insanity, they should have just named Tonie TBA Carroll and let everyone get on with the job. As it was, they made Carroll play through a club match and back up for Origin - not a smart move if you want to go in full strength.

Of course, it wouldn't be a post-origin wrapup if I didn't observe that the referee put in another shite performance. It wouldn't have changed the result, but Simkins has proved he'll buy any lame duck routine that Blues players want to put on. He bought Johns' ouch-my-knee, he bought Ben Kennedy's pratfall (fair enough that Crocker still should have left him on the ground on the off-chance he wasn't milking the penalty), he bought it when Menzies fell over cold to milk a penalty in the play-the-ball. Funny how they try on every trick when they've got Ricky Stuart coaching them.

So anyway... next time Gould does a piece to camera suggesting that NSW ever faced a pro-Queensland referee, someone punch his lights out!

One consolation was this: Full-back Anthony Minichiello ... won the Wally Lewis medal for player of the series. I thought they'd give it to Andrew Johns (as it is, the sports media are going to be insufferable for another year, crapping on about dear old Joey). About five minutes before the presentation I commented that Minichiello deserved the award but the league would be too busy blowing sunshine up Johns' arse to notice. Queensland supporter or not, I think Minichiello was deserving recipient.


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