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My sore throat finally got too much and I went to the doctor this morning (yet I didn't go to the doctor a week ago when I collapsed, go figure). Turns out I have 'swollen tonsil tissue' which is apparently normal and it will just go away on its own. Or not, in which case I have an antibiotics prescription to fill in about three days.

Problem is, that means I just have to wait out the pain. I say pain, this sore throat really is bad. I was trying to tough it out but even the Jack Daniels Cure didn't work (that said, I didn't drink much since I was already on flu tablets). I have what looks like a big angry red pimple on my throat and it hurts like a motherfucker. Apparently Aspro Clear might help, but I really hate taking that stuff and I'm not entirely keen on gargling it (a snarfle would be death). Going to give Strepfen a go, it's some kind of new uber-Strepsil.

But the doctor found a good remedy. While I was there he froze a wart on my finger. I've had this done once before and although it hurt during the procedure it really wasn't too bad. Not this time. Fuck. Ouch. This one is on a fingertip, under the nail. My finger has swollen under the nail. Every time I type an 'n', 'h' or 'y' it fucking kills. Watch me suffer for my art ;)

My sore throat hasn't seemed quite so bad since then, though.

Interesting fact: the doctor said about 80% of sore throats are viral, which means 80% of the time anti-bacterial throat lozenges do shit all.


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