beware of "goth black", it makes you kill yourself

Goths not to blame for teen's suicide: friend - National -

A schoolmate of a teenager who died in an apparent ritual double suicide has rejected the allegation that an interest in Goth subculture contributed to the girl's death.

Well, duh.

The 15-year-old had run away from home in September 2004 after clashing with her stepmother and truanting. Within three weeks of meeting her 23-year-old boyfriend, the two of them were found dead.

She ran away from home after family troubles, shacked up with a guy 8 years older than her and in three weeks later is found dead. But it was her clothes that did it.

Their bodies and faces were marked with symbols, and they were dressed in Goth black.

Ahhh, Goth Black, blacker than any other kind of black. It's blacker than normal black and makes you kill yourself.

She said when she and another friend arranged to take a trusted teacher to meet the girl, six days before her death, she looked "absolutely horrible", and appeared stoned.

But the drugs had nothing to do with it of course. It was the clothes! She didn't self-harm because she was depressed, no it was because of the music!



Blogger Argh  

November 02, 2005 10:21 pm

I'm going to paint the outside of my house Goth Black to see if it makes passers-by kill themselves.

And if that works, then I'll paint my phone the same colour and make a point of telling every telemarketer this, in the hope that they'll also start killing themselves.

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