oh my.

i appear to have opened a can of blogs. well, it had to happen. i need somewhere to bung all the random links i come across. need! ha!

i'm going to boot this sucker off the mark with a list apart & webmonkey. two most deserving sites.

so, what the hell?

This is not a journal, or a rants page, or a links page. I already have rants and links pages. But a linkblog meets them all in the middle - the links I've found interesting, together with a few comments about each one. All in a nice, easily updated format.

I'm also interested to see if this exercise will form some kind of overall picture of me; being the only common thread between the links. Most likely not, but it does give me an artsy excuse :)

Besides all that, I think this is better than emailling funny links to people - barring the really amazingly funny shit, which I still email around. The linkblog is always here, so anyone who gives a shit about what I think is interesting is able to opt in and have a look around. I assume that some people will land here having followed a link from my homepage, so it's not entirely self-obsessed and psychotic to think it could happen. Note: "not entirely self-obsessed........"