Don't think I blogged this when I saw it a while back, but the american suck countdown made me laugh my proverbial arse off. While we're at the flash fun, this sage advice on drinking is pretty amusing too.

Then of course there's "dear god no" rumour that Anna Kournikova may be cast as the next Bond Girl. Not sure if it's true, but the thought on what her Bond girl name would be is amusing. Frankly it's been a few movies since they got the Bond Girl casting right - think of a classic Bond Girl like Ursula Andress in Dr No; then think of Denise "Plastic Girl" Richards in The World is Not Enough. Not much in common, really. They may be more capable and 'empowered', but the American idea of "attitude" (atta-tood) just doesn't work (ie. being a bitch does not make you a strong woman).

From the "where there's a will" files.... A Nepalese village school has clawed its way into the computer world, building computers in wooden boxes using donated parts. They are run using electricity generated by two hydro-generators in a nearby stream.


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