Lots of stuff that's been lying around on my desktop: fun with spammers; an article about the present day being a bad time to use the net in china; some cool photoshop tutorials; and an article which talks about researchers being one step closer to connecting neurons to computer chips.

From the cool but useless file: a groovy skeleton wireframe thing.

lorem ipsum dolomet... enquiring minds ask what does it mean? Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditure ..basically. Well, ok so really it means "stop reading the text and start looking at the design, chump".

Seen this before, but it's always worth a laugh: Do-It-Yerself Country & Western Song Kit

the scene lives, apparently:,,,,,, Good for the soul.

Telnet to ... if you don't know how, you probably won't find it funny anyway.

Harry Potter character survey... which one are you? Hmm. I was sorted into Slytherin, but I'm not sure I want to do this survey :)

Bend your head around this one - a computer in a bottle? Well, eventually maybe. At any rate, this kind of technology really seems the way computers will go - using current production methods they can only get so fast, so small, so cool.

Hooray for historians - without them we'd be living in a 'digital dark age'... If nobody writes anything down, then there is nothing for future generations to read about us. So, what do you do about web sites? The Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" project is working on an 'internet library', so we don't end up as a brief History lesson along the lines of "Not much is known about the way these people lived....".

Just to keep it insane... here's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen on the net - dengdengdeng deng ddddeng dennnnnnnnnng....

A couple of quick links: They Fight Crime! and comic book fonts. Hooray for lyrics! Sites like this tend to get shut down, so jump in while it's still up.

Various news off slashdot caught my eye today... Excite are reporting that file swapping is way, way up. Nice to see that the music industry won the napster battle, but lost the war. Plus, It seems the worm has "churned"... hang on to that modem, cable/broadband users are jumping ship. Then - for those, like me, who are forced to use the abomination known as "Lotus Notes" this is interesting... Ximian's Evolution™ package is about to go to build 1.0. Hmm, maybe it's time I tried Linux. Doesn't help at work of course, but you get that.

I want one. The Tippman Hellhound... from the "you have got to be kidding" department. I can just imagine running into this sucker on the paintball field... everyone wandering around, thinking they're cool because they've got a Tippman pump or they've rented a semi-auto like the good ol' Inferno. *brrrrrmmmm*buddabuddabudda* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? *SSSSSSPLATTTTT*. 50 rounds a second? Ouch. I'm getting bruises just thinking about it. Good thing you can't actually buy one, all things considered!

I'm not a Linux guy, but this interview with Linus Torvalds is still pretty interesting.

Good ol' slashdot popped up a couple of good ones today. Scientists think they've solved the Tunguska mystery; goodness, don't they watch the X-files?? ;) There's a feature on something I've long wished for - a truly quiet PC. Then there's a discussion of the effects of digital photography in terms of historical records.

In homage to the large amounts of time I end up spending on this site, every time I land there.... the jargon file. Some of my favourites: wave a dead chicken, cargo-cult programming and the old faithful definition of "geek".