Apparently, B52 Bombers just keep on keeping on. Having tried to ditch the 40 year-old planes, it's turned out that they're still more economical to keep combat-ready than their high-tech peers. This article is a real eye-opener... and a testament to the idea that if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

After years of PhD student theses on The Simpsons, one uni has gone to the next level and included large amounts of Simpsons content in their animated philosophy class. The Simpsons are getting so deeply rooted into society it's scary - I caught myself saying "D'oh!" at work the other day; then realised that nobody had batted an eyelid. I remember when saying "D'oh!" was likely to spark a "Hey, you watch The Simpsons too?" conversation. My problem with it all along has been that parents let their kids watch The Simpsons (and South Park); when it is absolutely not a kid's show. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it's ok for the kiddies - you at least have to understand irony and satire.

In the UK, Sony has decided to get medieval on the mod-chip trade's arse. This is interesting seeing as mod chips aren't actually illegal - it's the pirated games that are illegal. But it won't get fought out because Sony's legal team probably outnumbers the entire staff of all the mod chip companies put together. They just don't have the resources to resist. There can't be much doubt that they'll move on to US distributors next.

Some guy spent 16 hours in a hardware store, on a bet. Some bets you shouldn't take. Thanks to for that gem.

Tom's Hardware on console game history

Micro$oft has released a massive security patch for IE. Build a bigger bandaid and I'm sure they'll build a bigger security hole.


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