the pick of today's slashdot:

WE-MAN!'s Funny Things To Do With Your Microwave Oven Page; and Robot Vibe-inu, the robot dog and sex toy in one. I just don't know what to say about that one :)

Meanwhile, a bunch of people decided that the "bulding as billboard" idea was pretty cool... hence blinkenlights, a celebration of a computer club's 20th birthday. They've even come up with a way to dial up with a mobile and play pong. Building-sized pong. Major cool points to this one.

Looks like there will be another terminator movie after all, despite the last movie wrapping the plot up. I guess $30million can change almost anyone's mind.

Then, there's this mind-bending idea for a solar generator. I really hope this project makes it. This abused ol' planet could really use clean power sources.


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