SatireWire is running their second Poetry Spam (think "poetry slam"). Poetry made entirely of spam snippets... plus some poetry about spam. Some of it is pretty good - amazing what you make out of the proverbial pig's ear!

French hackers have started a 'hacking school'... Zi Hackademy. They say they teach "ethical hacking techniques" and many students say they are there to learn how to do it, so they can learn how not to get hacked. Paris Police are "watching with interest" but haven't tried to shut the school down. Yet.

Meanwhile, scientists are working on ways to harvest the human body's heat and turn it into usable energy. The idea is not new, so it's great to hear that it's still being developed. Most of the time this sort of thing gets in the news as the End-Of-Show Human Interest "Wacky Scientist"™ piece... then you never hear about it again.


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