Don't Save Karyn. Karyn is some girl who got herself US$20,000 in credit card debt, then started a website literally begging for money. Nothing in return, just the karma of helping someone out. Hell, she's collected over four grand to date; so amazingly enough people seem willing to pull her out of the hole she dug for herself. I just like the counterpoint - Our names are Bob and Ben. We're really nice, and we're asking for your help! You see, there's this other website run by this chick who has no concept of 'fiscal responsibility', and wants you to pay for her bills! And people actually give her money! Lots of it! This has inspired us to create our own website...Don't Save Karyn dot com! We too are Internet panhandlers, but unlike Karyn and the guy who comes up to you on the street about how his car broke down and he has no money for gas, we make no pretenses...if you give us money, in the true spirit of Karyn, we are going to waste it all on stupid stuff!


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