Yahoo! News - Microsoft Unveils Licensing Discounts To Counter Linux. So what they're saying is they can afford to lower their prices. If they feel like it.

This article also suggests that MS's latest grab for money may be the final push many smaller organisations need to go Open Source or investigate other low-cost alternatives. This is encouraging... especially considering that kids might go to school and learn to use something other than Microsoft products. The flow-on effects could be really positive - when kids end up as university IT students, they'll be more likely to think outside the Microsoft box, for instance.

The existence of the Group of Eight doesn't surprise me, it just disgusts me. Instead of working with all universities in the spirit of knowledge and education; these elitist fucks decided nobody else was worthy and formed a gang. Feh!

If you want a phone logo off Mobile Fun Club (fuckers)... beware. It will take about three minutes to get to the bit where you can enter a code. The website says you can just punch in the logo code and hit hash, so I'd try that. Otherwise, for optus: hit 0 to accept their conditions; hit 5 for logos; enter the logo code; hit 1 to accept; hit 3 to select Optus; enter you mobile number; hit 1. You might avoid a four minute call at $2.91/min. FUCKERS. Now I remember why I kept the same logo for so long...

*ahem* Last night, it must be said, Jay Kay and the Jamiroquai crew rocked our fucking socks off. Good for the soul. Thanks for including some great stuff from early albums, guys!

Note: yes, I am fully aware none of them will ever read this blog. It's not the point, so feck off :P

To the rest of the crowd... you can dance to new tracks, you know. They won't bite. Funk Odyssey (the track) was fucking great, but you all sat there like sacks of spuds. Pah!

Slashdot | Microsoft Profit and Loss by Business Area (posting a slashdot link which links to the register...hmm :)). As the /. ed notes... The full verison [sic] of Windows XP costs about $300.00. Microsoft could sell it for $45 and still make a profit. The Register journo notes that the massive revenue MS gets off Windows and Office means they can fund other areas which are making horrendous losses. So, yes, they can flood the market with a shitty game console and just keep on throwing money down the tubes to market the crap out of it.

Bond gets girl, but no cigar - ...poor journalism here as "ASH" is not actually spelled out. But in other news: anti gun lobby slams latest 007 movie for encouraging people to start shootouts in public places. Reckless driving blamed on 007 movie because it features a car chase. People locked up in straightjackets for thinking they are a secret agent....

What I don't get is why it's been OK for villains to smoke stogies whenever they want....

A Bookseller's Guide to Wealth - now there's a work of fiction - Having been one of the part-time bookseller brigade, I can say this... if you don't love the book trade, don't go into it. I loved it, but there's no big money in small bookstores. If you can live comfortably and love what you're doing, you're at the peak of bookselling. But if you want to own and run a bookshop as your primary source of income; understand that you will come under a lot of stress. | Living | Will the real Bill Wyman please tune up. Remember kids - if someone famous has the same name as you, they can sue you! What's particularly vile about this case is the fact that the rock star Bill Whyman changed his name from his birth name.... a few significant years after the journalist Bill Whyman was born. So, just who should cease and desist? In fact I think the rock star BW should shut the fuck up and go back to navel-gazing.

Google for "i am fucking bored", and lo.... I Am Fucking Bored. The net truly has everything. Well ok it doesn't since it's actually an adult webmaster message board. Which is not particularly surprising considering the title. But it still leaves me FUCKING BORED.


I guess it's to be expected when you're totally broke. Yay for cars getting serviced then needing a new battery in the same week. What gives with car batteries anyway? Scientists have developed the technology to put a bomb up some poor fucker's arse on the other side of the planet; but my car's battery still craps out in two years... AND it's really expensive to replace.

Incorrect mime type for CSS files. Why am I linking this, you ask? Well, we spent half a day trying to figure out why our valid xhtml document was refusing to render the stylesheet in Netscape 7. It just wouldn't play nicely. The problem? Our web server happens to be iPlanet, which happens to have an incorrect mime type set for .css files. No wonder we were breaking our heads trying to figure it out - it wasn't the browser or the document; it was the server. Which is crazy, really.

So if your page breaks in Netscape 7 when you add the correct DOCTYPE, go check your server config. It does effect Apache too. Of course, you should remember that searching for help on Netscape 7 is waste of fucking time. Just look up Mozilla, or perhaps Gecko, or perhaps look up jobs that don't involve working with computers.