Slashdot | Tim O'Reilly Says Piracy is Progressive Taxation. I particularly like the first point made.... Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy. Yes, indeedy. If nobody know you or your stuff, nobody buys your stuff. However, if everyone knows you and 10% of them buy your stuff, you're in business. What if 20% pirate your stuff? Well you're still better off than the poor bankrupt company who can't get their stuff bought OR pirated.

Some companies have realised this, so they only go after corporate piracy - that is, businesses using pirate software. If the guy at home doesn't get a pirate copy, he can't learn how to use it and he'll never purchase it at work. Not just that, but many companies now licence a second copy of each corporate purchase, for home use... for that exact reason.


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