READ ME "A Blogger's Disclaimer". I can understand why they put this together, I just think it's a classic sign that most bloggers are blissfully unaware of the ramifications of running a blog. Particularly a blog which is your journal, complete with innermost thoughts and stuff which might offend people. Simply put: blogs and online journals are published to the fucking world wide web. They are not private, unless they are fully secured and password-protected.

At one point this page says... They may not want you to read certain things they might write about you or others you care about, in order to spare your feelings, avoid drama or maintain their privacy. Don't want you to read it? Maintain their privacy? A blog is no more private than if you wrote it down and put it up on a sign outside your house. If you don't want people to read what you're writing, don't put it on the web!

It's a pity since the READ ME site starts well - Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about a writer simply because you read their weblog on a regular basis. It just goes all to hell after that.


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