Revolutionary molecules turn bland food bodacious (dodgy headline of the week?). Basically some clever sods have figured out how to make your tastebuds think X tastes like Y. The example they start with is making black coffee taste like a latte. Now personally I like both kinds of coffee so I don't see the point ;) But if you could entire meals taste like lollies, kids the world over would stop being such little shits about their veges. What you would then reward them with is beyond me, of course.

This ignores an important factor though - for a lot of foods it's a texture thing. Take bread and butter pudding for instance. Take it a long way from me. I don't really know what it tastes like, since I'm incapable of dealing with the texture and have maybe choked down two mouthfuls in my life.

They go on to note that being able to make anything taste better also means some companies will immediately use the cheapest shit they can; leaving it to the chemicals to make it taste good. The evil golden arches spring instantly to mind.


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