New Driver Down.

Before our latest war, I was totally planning on moving to Afghanistan. Because we invaded it, kicked the Taliban's ass, and, just like we promised, we rebuilt the entire country and turned it into a shining example of American goodwill and Western democratic ideals. We totally finished the job, just like we promised, because we're the Greatest Nation on Earth, and totally true to our word. Women can play rock 'n' roll music in the streets now, so it's gotta be a great place to be, right? New roads, modern hospitals, well-stocked grocery stores, the Internet in every classroom. That was the deal we made. We liberated the poor, embattled Afghani people from the evil Taliban terrorists and ushered in a new era of the modern Afghanistan, where everyone eats, everyone votes, and everyone lives in nice condos in the complete safety and peace that we enjoy over here in America. Right? That's what they sold us, right? Right. So I'm thinking Kabul has gotta be like Miami by now, or at least like Tucson or Santa Fe.


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