Governor-General stands aside. OK Johnny, repeat after me: Church and State should be kept separate. I won't even go into what Hollingworth should be saying at the moment. What he has said is infuriating: In a short statement issued last night, Dr Hollingworth said in deciding to stand aside he was "mindful of maintaining the integrity and dignity of the office of the Governor-General of Australia". It's a bit late to start worrying about that now, asshole... and stop calling yourself "Doctor", it was only a fucking honorary doctorate.

It's not enough, they cried across the land -

"It is a profoundly disappointing outcome," said the Premier, Bob Carr. "Sadly, there is only one solution and that is the resignation of the Governor-General. That is not required by the outcome of the current court case but by the events in Queensland."

The rape allegations against Dr Hollingworth were not the point, according to Mr Carr.

Rather, he should have stood down because of his handling of sex abuse allegations against the clergy while he was the archbishop of Brisbane.

The federal Labor leader, Simon Crean, agreed. He said the Prime Minister had got it wrong and his decision to simply allow Dr Hollingworth to stand aside was totally unacceptable. Dr Hollingworth should step down, not because he had been accused of rape, but because he had protected a known pedophile.


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