A little vitriol with your coffee? The Venom Pen. Do drop by the Space Shuttle post - You value human life too much. ... You, the average citizen who swills down Biggy Macs and Friends episodes, you have no fucking right to tell those who are brave and adventurous that they cannot go into space. ... Unless you're an astronaut in training, shut up. .

It's true - the people who demanded an end to the space program have missed the point. I see a shuttle disaster, I see a tragedy and think NASA should have better funding and support. They're firing humans into space on a shoestring budget. What do you fucking expect? If we ever want to get off this rock and live the science fiction fantasies that will save us when we've choked this planet to death; then we have to accept that lives will be lost. You accept the massive yearly road toll so you can drive to the shops; why is it so unpalatable that some astronauts die doing what they chose to do - in full knowledge of the dangers?


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