boingboing post a recent development in one man's quest to give thieves a hernia: the concrete casemod. be sure to read the important update, which reads in part... The computer was still intact and the thief is probably sore and suffering from back problems, but be aware that this method of protection is not fool-proof. I am watching the neighborhood for someone walking with a limp or in a wheelchair. I view this as a challenge and may have to fill a full-size tower with concrete, hoping to break the 200 pound mark. If this does not provide the desired results, I may resort to visiting a foundry and pouring with molten lead. I must first find an over-head crane to make it possible to position it in my front yard.

also from boingboing...... a photoshop contest which proves that a jail cell can be made uglier than it already is: photoshop martha stewart's jail cell. meanwhile a DJ in philadelphia has caused plenty of discussion about his idea to fill iPods with his mixes, then rent the iPods to local businesses who would otherwise hire him for live perfomances. apart from the legal problems, it raises the question of what constitutes a DJ performance and what is...well... a high-tech mix tape. at any rate it still rings true that for a business like a restaurant, an iPod is much better than shuffling CDs or setting up decks. the primary business is preparing and serving food!


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