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  • Slashdot | RIAA Not Done With Jesse Jordan. This is pretty cool on one hand: the RIAA sued a college student for creating a search engine which people could use to look for MP3s - that's like suing a road crew for creating something criminals can use. The guy lost his life savings in the settlement; but thanks to the net, people around the world have chipped in to restore the cash (note that others in the same case are still trying to recover the money they lost). This is great! :) It's just a pity that the RIAA have decided to harrass the guy some more.
  • Business 2.0 Magazine | The MP3 Economy: How labels and artists divvy up your MP3 dollar. Discusses how a US$1 download gets divvied up. On average, the artist gets 12 cents; the label gets 30 cents; and so on. To put it another way, if you ever saw your rock idol at a bar and you bought them a drink for $2.50 (I'm doing rough currency conversions here); that drink is worth a bit under 21 downloads. Buy them a top-shelf single malt and you can probably download their life's work.
  • Billboard | Top Artists Balking At A La Carte Downloads. Their fear is people will just buy the single and not the whole album. Considering exactly which artists are worried; I reckon they should just make sure there's no filler. Ever bought an album, only to discover that there's one good song and ten shit tracks? Or discovered the one song you like was a really big deviation from their ususal style? As for Radiohead's latest album, they've got bigger problems as far as alienating their fans goes. Besides that, if someone has never heard any of their work; letting them spend $1 on a download is more likely to lead to an album sale than, say, not letting them preview your work at all.
  • Mysterious Net traffic spurs code hunt.
  • Wired | Happy Birthday, Dear DNS


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