State of Origin roundup.... Queensland lost, ok. They were soundly beaten on the night and just never looked like winning. What does this mean? It means a team lost a game against another team. Does it mean you should sack the coach? No. Does it mean one player is to blame? No. Would it be fixed by refusing to select Broncos? No... but hey, suits me if the Broncos didn't get knobbled three rounds of the year due to players backing up from Origin matches.

  • Fans blame Ikin for Loss - pull your heads in you morons. The only guy quoted here worth listening to is this one.... The demoralising Queensland defeat also dominated the airwaves, although one caller to ABC radio in Brisbane named Darryl suggested people should stop whingeing. "Every time Queensland get beaten it's somebody else's fault," he said. "They just weren't up to the game."
  • Kennedy facing ban and quite rightly so.
  • Fans wonder where Harrigan and the touch judges were, since they sure weren't watching the game... although at least some just accepted it.
  • Sydney journalists crow sickeningly about the win. Roy Masters, you should be thumped for that piece. You're supposed to be a journo at work, not a sycophantic fan.
  • Other journos persist with using the word "whitewash". *sigh* losing badly is not a whitewash. A whitewash is when you cover something up. IDIOTS. Otherwise, the Courier-Mail's roundup is actually pretty reasonable :)

It's the old story: when the team wins, it's the players. When the team loses, it's the coach. You throw a side together in the middle of the regular season, sometimes they just don't gel as a team. The Maroons just didn't know where to find each other on the field, or who to pass to.... etc. The referee is known for his delight penalising Queensland players; and the Sydney touch judges continued the proud parochial tradition of doing everything bar wearing a blue jersey.

At the end of it all, Queensland got thumped and that's the story. There's Origin 3 to salvage some pride; and besides, there's always next year :)


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