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Newkie Brown flavoured ice cream! Seriously, caramel and beer-flavoured ice cream. You can now walk the dog* for dessert!

* It's a Newcastle Brown Ale thing.

Just shoot me, says Beattie of photo row. Pretty much my reaction too, actually. I'd rather they used real photos in training than have officers accidentally shoot hostages because their training didn't prepare them for reality. I haven't seen many cardboard cutouts walking the streets, have you? Fair enough that the photos shouldn't be used without permission; and there are specific cultural issues regarding images of Aboriginal people which should have been respected. But was it an intentionally racist incident? Not from the information I've seen. Aboriginal people are part of the community. They could be a victim of terrorism just as easily as the next person. How deeply this incident effects relations is up to both sides of the argument. Apologies have already been made - but it seems they won't be accepted. Aboriginal Legal Service chief executive Noel Blair [said] 'It just takes one incident like this to almost destroy everything people have worked towards.' ...only if you let it. You can choose to accept the apology and move on. I can't help thinking there are more important issues that need this kind of energy.


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