Musicians Petition Against the RIAA, asking them to stop suing fans for copying music. The petition seeks signatures of musicians, to show the industry they don't think attacking fans is a good idea. Instead they want the focus to remain on organisations who are making money from piracy.

In response to the continuing legal attacks by the RIAA and major record labels on internet music sharing, which now include both criminal charges and civil suits against individuals, musicians are joining together to say NO to the action supposedly being taken on our behalf.

Just because the major labels haven't figured out a way to make money out of the internet doesn't mean that individuals who have shared music should go to prison, or be forced into bankruptcy. The industry is alienating the very people it hopes to sell music to in future with its heavy handed action.

If ever there was proof that the industry has alienated everyone else, here it is... even the artists are desperate to prove that the RIAA has it wrong. They have to resort to a petition - the kind of grass roots protest left to those without power, trying to influence those who do. They don't endorse piracy, but they sure as hell don't want to piss off the very people they need to buy albums and come to gigs. Musos have to make a living, that's how they do it.


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