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Shocks await coma victim - he's been in a coma for 19 years. Meanwhile his wife has had three kids with another guy, but not married him; his wife and family are feuding; and the daughter he knew as a six-week old baby is now a stripper. Welcome back! They'd better explain who Jerry Springer is, he's going to need to know. | Man builds own car for AUD$1400. Actually a Cambodian guy who figured out how to make a neat little two-seater based on a 100cc motorbike engine. More info and a pic: Cambodia Mechanic builds car for BD340(900 US Dollars). Good on him! | Join missile shield, Australia told - AUSTRALIA should join the US global missile shield to provide a protective umbrella for forces increasingly deployed to trouble spots in the Pacific and Asia, a navy report claims.. Because the Maginot Line worked so well for the French. Speaking of: America's Maginot Line. Forward engagement depends on pre-existing forward bases. A military force that has no airfields or ports to accept reinforcements is impotent. Without bases there can be no concentration of military power: weapons cannot be stored, let alone massed for use. The vulnerability of bases is America's singular military weakness in Asia.

Academic's crack habit becomes public. Well, actually the headline is Australia primed to be yanked into US but I feel the need to add my own spice sometimes. Basically the guy makes some sound arguments; but then comes up with a completely fucked conclusion. AUSTRALIA has been urged to seriously consider becoming the 51st state of the US. He caps it by claiming the US has a great tertiary education system, a desirable economy and above all else... Australia could field teams in American sports leagues. Guards, seize him. Although he's right about the weak sense of nationhood; some other arguments are unbelievably weak. For example does it really matter where the PM lives? Would everyone in the US freak if the President spent all his time at his ranch? At any rate; this smacks of being an academic phoning it in to justify their tenure. It's easy to slap together a few inflammatory statements and pretend it's a groundbreaking statement. Actually this guy has borrowed exact wording* from various other people and created a wild but stupid topic for a conference.
* eg. "flag of our own" was a key phrase in a campaign/song for a new Australian flag. I'm pretty sure I've heard "sold the farm" in a few Telstra-related debates too.


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