ENERGEX - clean, green energy for your home. Grrr. You have to pay extra to get green energy; if you want 100% green energy you have to pay a LOT extra. It may be a pragmatic approach but it certainly shows they're not committed to the cause. Think of it this way - you pay extra, they use the money to buy green energy. So, I'm paying them twice for x% of my power... fuckers! They should be paying for cleaner energy; but they're sidestepping it. They built and/or buy from the fucking dirty coal power plants! (Most power plants in Australia use low-grade coal - shitty stuff that is low-yield and high-emission.)

Sigh. Still and all, it's the only choice at this stage (Ergon does the exact same thing). I sure as hell can't set up a wind farm on my rental property's roof :-/


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