news bits | Trade battle looms with Europe, US (September 10, 2003). The tangled battles of international trade... let's face it Europe, Japan and the US will never stop subsidising their farmers. If every other nation managed to present a united front, you might have an outside chance of getting them to decrease the subsidies; but I wouldn't bet anything important on it. | Laptop stolen in further security breach (September 10, 2003). With a bit of luck the sensitive info won't be *that* sensitive. When was the last time you saw a powerpoint slideshow that actually contained useful information?

Ethanol found to be bad for millions of cars - National - I don't know that anyone thought the working group would say otherwise, though. Nice sidestep to get the manufacturers to bear the cost of providing information to car owners. I would have thought one single call centre funded by the petrol companies would have been more appropriate; although could you trust them? HAHAHAHAHAhahah....ahh fuck.

Kisses heard around the world - linked purely for this quote.... People were shocked - shocked! - that two of the most publicity seeking people this side of Evel Knievel did something like this on a show known for publicity stunts. This wasn't shocking. U2's Bono kissing Justin Timberlake - 'that' would have been shocking. Maybe. ...I mean, really, did anyone *really* find it shocking??? Personally I think the media just wanted to run lots of photos of two girls snogging. - The Sydney Morning Herald | photo gallery | Signs of the time. Old signs around Sydney.


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