news bits | Big Kev's retail shift (September 25, 2003) - I had been wondering about this. Big Kev's stuff used to be in all the supermarkets; now you can only get one of the products (and not the shower cleaner which is the one i wanted...). Mundane I know, but it shows how important it is to buy good shelf space. For anyone who doesn't know: supermarket shelf space is all paid for. You literally buy your space. Eye level is the most expensive. | Stanbroke allegations fired (September 25, 2003)... all seems very odd. Although ultimately I'm mostly concerned that the standard of product at Diamantina's doesn't drop ;-/ | Sheep will leave port tomorrow (September 25, 2003). Seems this issue is going to be getting some more air time. There must be money in it; or the export wouldn't continue (long). Part of me can't help thinking it must be awful for the sheep; another part of me (that grew up farming deer) wonders how they keep the stock's condition up during the journey. Must be an awesome logistical challenge (think water and fodder for tens of thousands of sheep). That said, shiploads of stock periodically get rejected so the whole process can't be that smooth. | Chatrooms ignore MSN shutdown (September 25, 2003)... no, the entire internet will not shut down because MSN did it. There will always be a chat room somewhere. MSN is really just covering its own arse, trying to look like a good corporate citizen and hence ward off potential litigation. | Entertainment | Streisand bored with herself (September 25, 2003). The headline is funnier than the article, really.

Magnate's women call truce in battle for $400m - National - About freaking time. These people are horrible people.

On another note, yes I do get most of my news through the same two sites (well, three or four if you count the courier snail and sunday snail for local stuff). In Australia print news is all basically produced from the same sources; filtered through two main companies (Fairfax and News Ltd). So by going to those two sites you pick up both sides (on the web, the news is basically the same across publications for both groups). If you give a shit, check out Media Ownership Regulation in Australia: Major media companies.

I should probably mention my majors were journalism and philosophy, which is why i sort of give a shit :)

Update 2003.09.29 - I should really have said that yeah, we have the ABC news service as well; which is sorta independent (i say sorta since the government holds the purse strings and is slowly choking it to death). But I primarily go to the ABC for TV news and tend to forget to go to the website. Silly, really. Must get in the habit of checking ABC news again :)


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