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The brazen airport computer theft that has Australia's anti-terror fighters up in arms - It's called social engineering; and it's becoming more dangerous than electronic hacking, because it's just so hard to stop. There's probably no way they could have stolen all that data by cracking the system; but they attacked the real weak point - bad security procedure and, basically, people. Result: they literally carry the data out of the building. Go read Kevin Mitnick's book The Art of Deception. You'll never give a video store your credit card number again (assuming you ever did). | Children 'safer with their dads' (September 5, 2003). A FEDERAL parliamentary inquiry into child custody arrangements was told yesterday that children were safer living with their biological fathers. Co-founder of the controversial Men's Rights Agency, Sue Price, told the inquiry despite the "maternal preference" of the Family Law Court in custody battles, statistics showed children were more likely to be abused, or even killed, when in the custody of their mothers. Basically the Men's Rights group is calling for a Shared Parenting approach, instead of a Mine or Yours approach. To put it another way, they're after equality and the best result for the children involved in custody disputes.

FOX SPORTS | League | Gala night cancelled (September 5, 2003). The NRL is bullshitting everyone trying to blame the players. The reality is the NRL yanked the event when the players refused to agree to a gag during negotiations (ie. give up what few bargaining chips they have). The players are just after a minimum wage for the non-star players - it'd be different if the big boys wanted more money. Let's face it, the NRL are not nice people; it's all about money and the top brass don't want to share it around with the people who actually take the hits.

Oh, and I did see this one - | Amphibious vehicle river tested (September 4, 2003). Cool idea, although people have enough trouble navigating peak hour on land. It'd be cool to fly the jolly roger though :)


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