The rebirth of comics - Web comics offer many other new reading experiences, although most concentrate on innovative content rather than technical tricks. This trend towards more quirky stories makes web comics a vehicle for artists who don't want to write superhero comics for an adolescent audience. Instead, many web comics deal with complex subjects, use strong language and deal with issues that parents would rather shield their children from. By doing so, they not only attract a more mature audience - often comic fans in their 20s and 30s who have outgrown superheroes - they have found an audience willing to pay to access content online. This makes web comics a very attractive proposition for artists, as the web makes it easy to publish their material, is much cheaper than printing their own comics and also makes it possible to make more money from online sales than would be possible if their work were handled by a publisher.

Anyone can publish a comic now. Anyone with net access can read it. While I never bought any comics/graphic novels while I was a kid; I read several online comics every day. So what are the odds - pre internet - that I could get a chuckle every other day from a comic drawn by a airsmith in Alaska? Not bloody high. But now I can and do.


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