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Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | NASA opens new chapter in supersonic flight - supersonic, minus the sonic boom. Go fast AND keep your city's windows. Nice. | Passwords multiply as users' rage rises... yep, "password rage". Which is why my organisation is working towards single sign-on. I'm worried that people still keep their PIN number in their wallet though. If you only remember one damn password, wouldn't you make it the one that unlocks your money?

Slashdot | Google Turns 5. Seems like longer, doesn't it :)

Slashdot | Kids Kill, Victim Sues Game Maker. Apparently we're still replaying this argument. Imagine if the kids hadn't had access to loaded guns...? Imagine if they hadn't ended up so damn bored? Imagine if they'd learned the difference between the console and the freeway? Imagine if they hadn't had access to an adult-rated game? Check out the Slashdot user comments (ignore the first few posts) for some funny parody work. I like this one best: Parents sue Mario and Luigi when their 14yo kid broke his hand while trying to jump and break a brick after doing mushrooms.


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