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hhahahahahhoohohohohheehehehehehehe *gasp* wheeeeeheheheheh *wipes tears from eyes*

But seriously, folks. Most people don't even know what the term "web developer" entails; but they're pretty sure they can do it themselves (after all, their ten-year-old has their own website - how hard can it be?). As someone observes in this forum; web development has reached the same approximate level of maturity that "desktop publishing" reached in the 80s. Any dick with a computer can go into business and claim they're a "web developer"... and, yes, they will get something onto your server which can be viewed in a browser.

To quote Ted Nelson: [The web] is trivially simple - massively successful and it's like karaoke - anybody can do it. It's so true it hurts. So, how good do you really think most people are with the karaoke mic?

Problem is that while most people can spot a truly terrible karaoke singer; they can't tell a good website from a crap website. Even worse, they don't know how to spot a real professional over a total cowboy; so they can't vet the people they have to trust on the question of quality web. Then the industry itself doesn't have a recognisable accreditation system nor any major professional associations.

It's a living.


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