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  • Inquiry to examine Hanson case. 11/11/2003. ABC News Online. I'm so sick of hearing reports that Hanson and her supporters think there was a conspiracy. They affect moral outrage, while demonstrating quite clearly that they have absolutely no fucking idea what the legal system is all about. They're really lucky to be out of jail again; yet none of them have had the good grace to be happy about it. Even if they go on to other actions; they could at least accept their luck.
  • | Chopper Read modelling fury (November 11, 2003). Apparently it was ok for Chopper to write books (to say nothing of the movie); but it's not ok to have him model a T-shirt. What the fuck? Are people trying to claim the world of fasion should have morals? Shit, the whole thing has already paid off; with the label's name plastered across the papers.
  • | Shopping trolleys get a push (November 11, 2003). Building a better shopping trolley, in terms of damage to cars in the carpark.


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