last cigarette: several years ago
last kiss: this morning
last cry: hah, guys never cry
last library book checked out: The Art of Deception, by Kevin Mitnick
last movie seen in a theatre: Pirates of the Carribean
last book read: Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman
last cuss word uttered: fucking
last beverage drank: coffee
last food consumed: wholemeal/fruit bar
last phone call: umm. last night, discussing updating photos section of a club website
last time showered: this morning
last shoes worn: Mack™ workboots
last cd played: Maxinquay, by Tricky
last item bought: miscellaneous groceries from the corner store
last soda drank: coke
last thing written: cranky work email
last key used: ctrl-shift-leftarrow combination
last word spoken: error
last sleep: last night
last instant message: friend sent me a hail warning
last sexual fantasy: as if you want to know :)
last ice cream eaten: not sure. probably a Cherry Ripe ice cream
last time wanting to die: i haven't been a teenager for some time now. i do feel better now, thankyou.
last lipstick: stage makeup some years ago.
last time dancing: couple of weeks back.
last show attended: Tycho Brahe gig at The Alley

via an lj via a friend's webpage. blogs and journals make such random connections.


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