• Slashdot | Remail: IBM is Reinventing Email. The comments immediately point out that IBM fucked it up completely in Lotus Notes. Then, Lotus programmers jump in and call everyone else idiots for thinking Notes sucks. ATTENTION DEFENSIVE LOTUS PROGRAMMERS: SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE. Yes, with thousands of dollars worth of training; we could all make Lotus sit up, beg, roll over and make us coffee. Without thousands of dollars worth of training, we can do precisely NOTHING. I don't give a flying fuck in hell what YOU can do with Lotus, all I get is the out-of-the-box install. I have to go calm down now.
  • Slashdot | Best 35mm SLR Camera for Beginners? Spend more on the lense, less on the body. Get a clear lense filter to protect the lense. Don't be shy to shoot off plenty of film. Overall though; I'd still go for a digital SLR.


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