save the children, kill a PETA activist

Fur flies over flier: PETA targets "Nutcracker" kids: Animal rights advocates will single out small children at performances of "The Nutcracker" in the next few weeks by handing out fliers saying "Your Mommy Kills Animals" to youngsters whose mothers are wearing fur.

To anyone who wants to advance a cause, here's a tip: don't be bigger arseholes than the target of your campaign. Maybe they should follow this action up by telling the kids that their shoes are made of dead cows and horses; that last night's lamb chops were dead sheep; and production of their favourite toy caused pollution that killed dolphins. Then tell them about battery hens; explain how all that milk they drink contains hormones that'll make them mutant freaks; before heading into the grand finale where the kids are harangued about Santa being a capitalist plot and their favourite present from last year was made by kids - just their age - in slave labour in a third-world country... and it's ALL YOUR FAULT, KIDS!

PETA really are a bunch of fuckwits. I've never seen an interview or heard about an action that didn't make me want to throttle the lot of them... even when I agree with the principles behind it all. They always come off as ratbags who just want an excuse for their antisocial behaviour and don't especially care about the cause they claim to fight for. A bit like CHOGM protestors who just want to join a mob and vandalise stuff.


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