blown valve zone

murder, death, kill.

To the driver of the removal van that illegally blocked the ONLY passenger set-down zone at QUT on December 19th, 2003: If I ever find you, I will rip your fucking head off and shove it up your own arse. Thanks to you, I got a $60 fine because I had to stop in a No Stopping zone to drop my girlfriend off.

To the Local Laws officer who issued a parking fine against me on December 19th, 2003: If I ever find you, I will shove the removalist's still-twitching body up your arse, then rip off your head and spit down your throat. You know what I did was not dangerous; did not cause a disruption of traffic; and was a completely reasonable thing to do given the circumstances. Your failure to exercise discretion proves without any doubt that Parking Nazis are one of the lowest possible forms of life. Next time I will simply block all traffic into QUT by stopping in the one inbound lane. If I'm going to get a fine, I will at least get my money's worth by not having to drop my girlfriend 100m out of her way on a steamy Brisbane summer day.

end blown valve zone


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