it's never simple

blogger finally went back to offering a Site Feed function. sadly, they have shunned RSS in favour of Atom; which I've never even heard of before. why the hell...?! RSS is the closest thing we have for a site feed standard; yet apparently the Pyra/Google crew decided Atom was the way to go.

STANDARDS, people. they exist for a reason.

problem with the web: it's global. all those nations which did things their own way now clash directly. australians drive on the left-hand side of the road; americans drive on the right-hand side of the road. that's fine, since the roads are on different continents. the net is one big road with people trying to drive on the left and right sides at once - everyone thinks their way is better and cannot see the sense in standards.

so, i have not enabled the Atom feed. if i actually hear of anyone who wants it; i'll consider it. if i find a way to convert Atom to RSS 2.0 then i'll set that up. it won't change the original dumbarse decision; but at least i'm not supporting it.


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