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  • Google gives float plum to Morgan and Goldman - Shades of the dot-com boom? There's no denying that Google is popular and successful so far - but will that translate to growth in its share value? It's going to be interesting to watch.
  • Aussie dollar reaches new high. 07/01/2004. ABC News Online... and here's me without any extra cash to buy stuff online! :( Ahh well.
  • Singapore set to lift oral sex ban - Critics have pointed out the irony of the law in a country where prostitution remains legal. Ho said the law was mostly used to prosecute cases involving minors, or mentally and physically handicapped people. ...sounds like a case of badly drafted law, more than anything else. If the intended application of a law requires a specific interpretation of generic wording, that law should have been more specific in the first place. But then, I don't think like lawyers - I think like a human.


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