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  • | Crackdown on explosives sales (January 13, 2004): The Government wants to restrict sales of chemicals which can be used to make explosives after an amateur enthusiast exploded a huge bomb near Sydney at the weekend. ... the court accepted that it had never been intended to cause any damage or injury and Avery himself was the only person at serious risk of injury from it. If this was America the guy would have been jailed as a terrorist by now. I suspect the court accepted the guy just wanted to blow some shit up, to see what would happen :)
  • Sellers get desperate as flats glut hits suburbs - I'd expect the same thing in Brisbane in the next 1-2 years. Two blocks of units/townhouses have just been built across the road from my place; and a couple of streets away three enormous tower blocks... The units across the road aren't selling though - seven nice units, on the market since last November; they just can't shift them at the ludicrous price they're asking. The developer missed the boom by a matter of weeks - they got to market just as people started talking about a bust. The other problem with nearly all of the units being built - they're fucking tiny. Expensive broom cupboards; packed into small sites. Why the hell would you pay half a million for a tiny 1-bed-plus-study, with 45 neighbours?
  • | Graduate prospects brighter (January 13, 2004). Err, actually the IT job market is still fucked in Queensland. The Courier-Mail IT jobs section a couple of weeks ago had zero real ads - just a couple of resume writing courses. Maybe they're seeing something that I'm not. Or maybe that was just the Christmas slump while everyone was on holidays, ie. not hiring.


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