where do you want to crash today?

The joys of modern computing. My mum gave me a printer while I was visiting at Christmas... basically new, good printer, she just didn't like it basically - it was destined for the bin unless someone claimed it...! My Mum has an interesting approach to computers :)

Little did I know what trouble was brewing. Near as I can tell, installing the drivers has caused the dreaded ntoskrnl.exe stop error. In fact, my computer is demon possessed and refuses to boot or even install Windows 2k on a completely fresh hard drive. This problem does not make any sense whatsoever. I might be taking the computer in to the shop for help; which is a last resort I've not needed in some years. Microsoft's incredibly helpful support pages admit the problem exists, then tells you the only way to fix it is to ring them to obtain the fix. Then they say they *might* not charge you for it, basically depending on the mood of the person you get on the support line. Hooray for M$. Think I'll give my dollars to the local shop instead.

So anyway, I'm posting off a laptop picked up from work in order to give me some form of net access. Who knows, I may yet discover a fix for this problem that doesn't involve paying money.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good christmas and new year's... mine was.... yeah, mine Was. Not bad, just not good either. A combination of happy, disappointed, pissed off and sanguine. All at once. I'm an emotional gumbo right now, yes indeedy. But I did receive some good loot; including way-funky Industrie shirts and two new Red Dwarf DVDs and even some homemade pressies.... so things can hardly be described as all bad, eh :)


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