happy hallmark day

yep, it's the day of the Psychotic Armed Cherub; discharging what's most likely an unlicensed weapon into unsuspecting couples who were minding their own friggin business.

so guys, did we all feel pressured to spend lots of money on our girlfriends? personally i resent the implication that i'm a prick the rest of the year and never do anything nice for my partner.

so, let's all celebrate hallmark love day by not spending money on overpriced crap (you think a dozen red roses costs that much any other day of the year? well, nearly, but not quite...). singles; rejoice in your freedom from this shit. guys (or girls) with girls; buy flowers for her in a few weeks, for no particular reason. girls (or guys) with guys; pick up that sexy new lingerie and surprise him next weekend.

oh, and anyone who only gets treated nicely on this one day - it's time to evaluate your relationship.

i probably wouldn't get so riled if there were equivalent days for guys and singles.


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