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  • nun-shaped urinals. as you do.
  • everyone needs a hobby, what they find is the worrying bit.
  • - Recording industry Web site downed, possibly by zombies. now that's a headline.
  • more office prankage, with far more mess potential than the post-it™ effort.
  • ohio drunk drivers get different coloured licence plates. i wonder what else could work along these lines... a colour for driving like a fucking moron might be useful. BMWs would obviously be sold straight off the lot with that colour. not that i find BMW drivers the most consistently arrogant fucks on the road, or anything. not to be confused with the most consistently aggressive (commodores and falcons); the most consistently suicidal (hyundai excel); the most consistently desperate to prove manhood (subaru wrx); the most expensive but poorly-driven (exchange students in nissan skylines, or ageing trophy wives driving anything that cost more than $100k); etc.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita, yet another mad Japanese fashion trend. been around for a while, boingboing has suddenly decided to link to it.


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