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  • | Massive terror[ism] plot thwarted (March 31, 2004).
  • Howard hints at abolishing ATSIC. 31/03/2004. ABC News Online: Prime Minister John Howard has strongly indicated he believes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissioner (ATSIC) should be abolished. Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham yesterday announced Labor would scrap ATSIC and set up regional partnerships and a nationally-elected advisory body if it won government.
  • FOX SPORTS | League | NRL 'bunch of suits' (March 31, 2004): Tallis told Gallop he simply could not understand why Brisbane were penalised. "Shane Webcke was out there but he couldn't possibly take any part in the game because he was concussed" ... The Broncos also yesterday claimed they had discovered more than 100 breaches of the interchange rules in 2003 and more than 20 in season 2004 so far as they gather evidence for an appeal. Ultimately the NRL won't back down, since it's the Broncos. Let's face it, the NRL has never forgiven the Broncos for having the audacity to go and win premierships after being allowed to join the league. Would the Roosters or Panthers cop this sort of bullshit? I doubt it. With a new crop of Referees coming to the fore, I had hoped we might see the end of stacked penalty counts and key decisions always going against the Broncos... but apparently no such luck.
  • Packer gives the taxman an $84m shellacking - BusinessNews - Australia's richest man, Kerry Packer, has beaten the taxman again - and gets to keep at least $84.5 million. This is why the ATO is openly targeting small-time (even accidental) tax cheats - they are incapable of getting the big fish. So they're just finding the little people they can bully around.
  • | NSW bans 'cybersnooping' (March 30, 2004): NSW will outlaw unauthorised cybersnooping on employees using technology including video cameras, email and tracking devices, Attorney-General Bob Debus has announced.
  • Dutch dogs get designer dunny. 31/03/2004. ABC News Online: Dutch dog owners can soon throw away their pooper-scoopers and plastic bags and instead walk their companions to their very own toilet. The developer of a new "doggy toilet", a small fenced-in patch of artificial grass, hopes the self-cleaning device will help rid towns of the mess left behind by man's best friend.


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